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Industrial Security

SK hynix system ic will continuously strive to generate values based on SUPEX Spirit for all stakeholders, not only staff members and customers but business partners and investors.

Industrial Security Principles

  • We contribute to strengthening core competencies and improve competitiveness by protecting tangible/ intangible assets including core technologies and manpower.
  • We comply with related laws and regulations on industrial security, and join the efforts to protect trade secrets of related companies and business partners.
  • We actively set up the security culture that encourages voluntarily participation by reinforcing the security awareness of staff members through continuous training and promotion.
  • We set up, continuously manage and improve a systematic security system based on the voluntary participation by setting up an organization for industrial security activities and allocating security personnel for each division.
  • To implement above-stated principles, we use independent third-party security diagnosis to utilize results for industrial security activities.

Industrial Security Report

When the cutting-edge semiconductor technologies developed by SK hynix system ic are leaked to outside by industrial spies, it causes severe damage not only to the company but the country.

When you witness business intelligence activities, or know where industrial spies locate, please report to the following center.

How to report
Senior manager Lee Sang-hak T 043-907-5032 M 010-3633-1003 E

* The content of the report and the informer’s identity are strictly kept confidential.