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Quality Policy

We at SK hynix system ic, as a foundry company specializing in system semiconductor, will present best values to our customers and pursue the happiness of customers & employees through continuous quality innovation.

  • Customer Happiness

    To guarantee sustainable happiness, we will provide our customers with both economic value (EV) and social value (SV) that are based on our outstanding product quality.
  • Quality Innovation

    As the quality leader, we will lead the market with a strong competitive edge based on our technological process and manufacturing competitiveness.
  • Engagement with Quality Mindset

    With the voluntary collaboration of all our employees, we will achieve a SUPEX (Super Excellent) level of quality.

Quality Certificate Milestones

Registration Scope
The fabrication of semiconductor products for foundry business. Permitted Exclusions: Product design.
Certification No.
Valid Until
October 07th, 2021
Certification Body
IATF16949 Certification