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Safety Health & Environment Policy

SK hynix system ic will continuously strive to generate values based on SUPEX Spirit for all stakeholders, not only staff members and customers but business partners and investors.

SK hynix system ic was established based on our human and environment-oriented corporate philosophy and seeks to ensure continuous innovation and safety culture. We promote the highest level of safety management of our workplace, the health of our members, and the preservation of the environment of the earth. For these purposes, we observe all SHE regulations and continue to implement preventive activities preemptively by communicating with all stakeholders with sincerity.

Safety ·Health

  1. SK hynix system ic provides a safe workplace through continuous safety precautions and improvements of the safety for people and facilities by promoting safety and health management as our core value.
  2. SK hynix system ic promotes a working environment where all of our members and the staffs of our business partners can work safely and stay in good health by detecting and eliminating risks in advance.


  1. SK hynix system ic preserves the environment by continuously reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants.
  2. SK hynix system ic protects the environment of the workplace and the community by systematically managing harmful chemicals and transparently disclosing information on those substances.
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