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HR Principles

SK hynix system ic will continuously strive to generate values based on SUPEX Spirit for all stakeholders, not only staff members and customers but business partners and investors.

SK hynix system ic supports individuals’ cumulative continuous growth as the competence of human resources plays an important role in business.

In pursuit of sustainable “No.1 System IC Semiconductor Company”

  1. 1. Competence development that caters to the characteristics of the industry
    We continuously support long-term competence development by providing customized training that fits to the semiconductor industry and individuals’ company position and by establishing a basis of self-motivated learning.
  2. 2. Practical reward
    We encourage individuals to generate the best outcome by rewarding on market values of company position, job contributions to the company as well as individuals’ contribution to organizational performance.
  3. 3. Personnel management led by field teams
    Field teams are the entity in charge of operating personnel management system with authority and responsibility, and HR team proposes the principles and supports the efficient personnel management of the field teams.
  4. 4. Fair evaluation
    We operate our performance management process based on communication and coaching to improve performance and competence, and evaluate potential competence in a fair manner.