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Training system

SK hynix system ic will continuously strive to generate values based on SUPEX Spirit for all stakeholders, not only staff members and customers but business partners and investors.

SK hynix system ic provides and operates training programs to nurture key professionals to lead future technologies.

Nurturing global leaders who grow together with the company

  1. Nurturing global talent
    Operate foreign language program in the company to improve globality of staff members and nurture global leaders who seek joint growth with the company
    • Select and nurture global dispatch stand-by members
    • Global Business Skill Improvement Program
    • Year-round foreign language support
  2. Core R&D talent nurturing program
    Provide and operate training programs to nurture core talent who lead future technologies
    • Task-based Intensive Course
    • Sending staff members to prestigious university LABs on a short-term basis